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Teacher reads a children's book aloud to students as student in foreground points at book.

Find information about back-to-school events, school supply lists, and our new principal here.

Welcome back to school! We're excited to return to the classroom on August 30 for the first day of school. All HSD schools will be on a 1-hour early release schedule on this day. The Back to School Community Fair is on August 24 at 5-7pm. You can find school supply lists here.

This fall, we're also welcoming a new principal, Ms. Gannon! She comes to us from Hockinson Middle School, where she was the principal last school year. This role is familiar to Ms. Gannon; she served as the HHES associate principal in 2017-2021. Her recent experience at HMS has prepared her to support elementary school students for a successful transition to middle school.

Wednesday Early Release

HSD Schools release an hour early every Wednesday so our teachers can collaborate on curriculum, assessments, and best teaching practices. This means the first early release of 2023-24 is the first day of school (Wed, Aug 30.) HSD schools will be releasing students on the following schedule:

HHES: 1:15 p.m.

HMS: 2:20 p.m.

HHS: 2:30 p.m.


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HSD's property that purchased in 2023 adjacent to Hockinson Meadows Community Park. 

On June 7, the HSD announced the purchase of a 40-acre site adjacent to Hockinson Meadows Community Park.

Click here to view an article in The Columbian on this acquisition. Below is a letter from Superintendent Steve Marshall to HSD staff and families informing them of the purchase:




June 7, 2023


Dear HSD Community:

Back in March, I notified staff and families that the Hockinson School District was finalizing the purchase of a parcel within the HSD boundaries. I promised to share the exact location of the property once the purchase was completed. I am happy to report that, after a few delays, today the Clark County Council approved the sale of a 40-acre lot located adjacent to Hockinson Meadows Community Park.

The HSD School Board and I are excited about this acquisition for a number of reasons, primarily:

  1. It helps the Hockinson School District prepare for future needs,

  2. The property is an excellent value that enables the HSD to maximize our capital dollars derived from impact fees, and

  3. Its location is advantageous in terms of size, park amenities, and proximity to the SW corner of our district, which is densely populated compared to the northern and eastern portions of the HSD.

This property is an investment in the future of our school district and community. Therefore, decisions on the use of this land will be made in collaboration with our community. While Hockinson Heights Elementary School (currently 883 students) has not reached its maximum capacity, it is getting close. Beginning this fall, we will look to expand our Long Range Facility Planning Task Force. Whereas this group has been primarily focused on planning for the maintenance of our current facilities, it will begin exploring different facility and configuration options.  I will share more information on how parents can get involved after summer break.

Finally, I want to point out that while the purchase of this property has been finalized, it is ultimately contingent on the outcome of a feasibility study. There are multiple “ifs” in any development plan. Over the next few months, we will be assessing the suitability of this parcel for future development and school construction.   As of today, there is no funding or pre-set construction timeline in place, and we will be communicating opportunities for our community to get involved in decision making after construction suitability determinations have been made. 




Steve Marshall


Hockinson School District 


P.S. Below are some bullet points I am recycling from the message I sent out earlier this spring regarding the purchase of this parcel:

  • The property was purchased using Capital funds, which are funds specifically designated for facilities, property acquisition, and growth management. It is important to know that Capital Projects funds are separate and do not detract from state funding the HSD receives for student programs, curriculum, and staff salaries. Capital funds come from local impact fees and forestry dollars that are earmarked solely for capital projects tied to growth. 

  • The property will support cost savings for the district in the long-term. Purchasing now allows us to select an ideal location and pay a lower price ($720,000 for 40 acres) than in the future. The location also allows for the district to tap into existing infrastructure such as sewer, fiber optic cable and other utilities.

  • The HSD will seek community input if or when the conversation shifts from property holding to property development. Decisions regarding this new parcel will be guided by changing school and community needs. 

  • Our district also owns another parcel of land that was acquired in 2008. It has been determined that this new property has a number of advantages and better meets future growth scenarios.  At this time, no decisions have been made about whether to retain the existing site for future flexibility or sell it and return dollars to the Capital budget.

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