HSD Online Learning Profile: LEXIA


The Hockinson Virtual Academy (HVA) is a fully online learning option that delivers curriculum and learning activities through a selection of educational applications (or "apps") and teacher monitoring and support. One HVA's foundational apps is Lexia. 

Lexia (aka Lexia Core 5), which is a computer adaptive literacy program that develops students' skills in the following areas:

Phonics, Structural analysis (e.g., Greek and Latin roots), Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension. 

The content and assessments are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Of the 171 HSD students who are using Lexia:

152 are meeting progress goals on usage (usually 40-60 minutes per week)

160 are on track to be at grade level at the end of the year

So the initial 6-week progress report is pretty positive! One area this program does not address is writing - both handwriting and actual writing.  So Colleen Anders, who oversees HVA, is looking at ways to develop those skills in the weeks ahead. 

We can accommodate additional learners under our district's Lexia subscription. If you are interested in your K-5 student to strengthen their reading skills using Lexia, email colleen.anders@hocksd.org or cary.delbridge@hocksd.org and they will sign up your student for this learning program.






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