Join Us at the HSD Visual Arts Show

HSD art

You are cordially invited to:

The Annual Hockinson School

District Visual Arts Show

April 29th, 2022

5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

in the Hockinson High School Commons

For just one fabulous evening, the HHS Commons will be transformed into a salon-style gallery full of paintings, drawings, and sculptures by our wonderful K-12 students. This creative feast for the eyes is our opportunity to share with the community the incredible artistic achievements of our talented students, including:

Damaje Titus

Kyle Williams

Delaney Rose

Traci Tormanen

Cynthia Reck

Arianna Gish

Tucker Siemssen

Connor Vukelich

Sofia Lundsgaarde

Kieran Schoenig

Jenna Olson

Carter Cameran

Emma Alfson

Maggie Skinner

Conlan Albertson

Anna Nadal

Tim Moskvin

Molly Romanchock

William Cavewilson

Noah Reck

Kylie Ritter

Addison Chappelle

Aiden Johnson

Ava Muller

Libby Sarkinen

Aidan Stout

Madsen Richardson

Anna DeRoos

Georgia Pierce

Lilly Shaw

Andre’ Northrup

Kati Dieckmann

Enna Erickson

Cody Wheeler

Riley Hull

Taylor Mueller

Evan Heder

Rita Kravetz

Tobias Maitland

Isabella Tucker

Pierce Barrett

Audrey Yinger

Mac Nicholson

Chris Navarrete

June Jensen

Catelyn Russell

Sofia Lundsgaarde

Ellie Hamilton

Talon Matson

Mason Seal

Skyler Sheffield

Tanner Cass

Caster Moreu

Anastacia Maitland

Wyatt James

Catelyn Russell

Dee Ann Vickery

Dalton Penner

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