At Home Self Manager Program

self manager

We are excited to announce that we will be continuing our self-manager program for the 2020-21 school year. At-home self managers are students who are showing RSR behavior (responsible, safe, respectful) at home and who are attending school and completing assigned work regularly. If you feel that your child meets the requirements of an at-home self manager, please have your child complete the application for their grade level and submit it to their teacher. Your child's teacher will sign the application after they confirm that the student has been an active participant in on-line learning and that they have been showing RSR behavior during class sessions. If the teacher is not yet ready to sign the application, they will have a goal-setting conference with your child. Your child can then submit their application to one of their specialist teachers (if enrolled in remote learning) and, finally, to our school office.


To begin the process of becoming an at home self manager, please complete the following steps.

- Make a copy of the self-manager application for your child's grade level (K-2 / 3-5)

- Have your child complete the student sections (This can be done electronically or you can print a paper copy.)

- Have your child obtain a parent signature.

- Have your child email the completed application to their teacher for their signature or share the document with the teacher via Google Drive.

- If your child is enrolled in remote learning, have your child email their application to their art, music, or PE teachers. (only one signature is required)

- Email your completed application (with all signatures) to or

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