Proof of Vaccination for 2018-2019

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Washington State Law requires that all children attending a licensed child care or school must provide proof of vaccination prior to entering school. Parents/guardians can meet this requirement by completing and returning the State of Washington Certificate of Immunization Status form, this form shows their child has received the required vaccinations (or has immunity from previous illness). Parents can also print a copy of their child's immunization record directly from the WA Immunization Registry. This form and instructions can be found at

Parents/guardians may choose to exempt their child from one or more of the required vaccines for personal/philosophical, religious, or medical reasons. A State of Washington Certificate of Exemption form must be submitted to the school if parents choose to exempt their child from one or more vaccinations. In order to prevent a delay in your child's school enrollment, please read and complete all instructions on this form fully prior to submitting to the school. A copy of this form is also available at

Skipping vaccinations or missing vaccine doses make it more likely that your child can catch and spread serious illnesses, such as pertussis, measles, and chickenpox, which vaccines can prevent. Getting children all their recommended vaccinations not only protects them but also their classmates, friends and families from preventable disease. Children who do not get fully immunized may be excluded from school, preschool, or child care if a disease outbreak occurs.

Beginning the 2018-2019 school year, Hockinson Public Schools will only accept the completed Washington State Certificate of Immunization Status or Washington State Certificate of Exemption forms. Hockinson schools will not accept other forms of vaccine documentation.

This documentation is required before your child 
will be allowed to attend class. If you need assistance completing or downloading these forms please contact your child's school or the school nurse for assistance.

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